How to Have Confidence with Women

Tips To Have Confidence With Women

It would be accurate to say that not even rocket scientists are smart enough to figure women out. And those who tried probably went crazy somewhere along the way. The good news is that you don’t need to understand them. Having confidence with women is not about understanding how their minds work. It’s more a matter of appealing to what they are naturally attracted to. Here are some tips to have confidence with women, and hopefully getting a few more dates.

1. Grooming

If you look at things modern women are naturally attracted to, it’s a guy that can keep himself clean. They will choose the shortest and most unattractive guy before they choose the hunk that smells like rubbish, and that’s a fact.

In other words, stay clean for the most part and it should give you some extra confidence with women, seeing as they naturally like a guy who looks after himself.

2. Prepare If Possible

You’ll notice that once you prepare for something, it makes you a little less nervous. Obviously, you can’t know what a lady is going to say when you approach her, but having something to say beforehand makes it easier. But don’t just choose any pickup line that comes to mind. Instead, finding something about her that makes her stand out, and compliment her on that.

3. Be Yourself

As basic and simple as this tip might seem, it’s much easier to be yourself than to put up a fake image of what you are not. Plus, how long can keep up the fake persona?

It’s always important that when you approach women to feel worthy. If you doubt that you deserve a chance, she is going to pick up on it and probably materialise your fear by shooting you down. Your odds are much better if you can just get your mind right.  Check out some of the best success mindset tips online, to see if this can help you inprove your head game.